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It doesn't take much to argue whether organic products are better;  common sense tells us synthetic chemicals and toxins in our food, health products and environment is not be beneficial to our long term health.

Lord Butlers Organic range of food  and skin care products are free of pesticides, hormones, antibiotics and genetically modified organisms commonly found in commercial products. By using organic products you can be assured that  your body or that of your loved one is getting the best nutrition, without the unknown long-term effects of chemicals. A wonderful gift, both inside and out.

Using products with revitalising and healing properties derived from plants, fruits and flowers will help your skin protect you from the modern harsh environment.

By using  organic-based products, not only will you  benefit but so does our planet since these products are grown without toxic chemicals that  poison our  land and waterways. Organic animals also live a more enjoyable and stress free life, free to graze rather than cramped inhumane compounds.

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