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Caring for Earth  Melbourne flowers, gifts and floral designsThere is much talk these days about  environmental care and carbon footprints that sometimes it can all seem too much.  Lord Butler is an example of how everyone and every business can make a difference in the small things they do.  We believe that being eco friendly and being conscious of  our planet offers an opportunity and does not have to be more expensive, in fact being environmentally conscious can save money.

Little ways you can help our planet.  We don't just preach, we practice.

Water Use: Simple measures can be taken to reduce water usage. By installing efficient shower heads and low flow toilets, reducing shower times, filling washing machines and dishwashers before use, recycling household water for plants and collecting rainwater will not only conserve our water supply but save water bills.

Paper Use: Australians used 1.35 million tonnes of writing and printing paper in 2002-2003, that’s 17.5 million trees used. By simply choosing not to print e-mails, switching to electronic billing and choosing recycled paper products the environmental impact of paper use can be dramatically reduced.

Energy Use: Most of our electricity comes from coal, which produces large amounts of carbon dioxide, one of the main greenhouse gasses. You can help reduce global warming and save money by using energy efficient lighting such as fluorescent globes or LED, choose energy efficient appliances and turn them off at the wall, insulate your home, wash clothes in cold water, switch to a green energy provider and use public transport where possible.

Recycle: Recycling materials such as glass, plastics, metals and paper products not only saves precious resources, reduces land fill and methane gas emissions but contributes economically by employing many people in the local recycling industry.

Chemical Free: By choosing chemical free products, fewer chemicals are washed down the drain into our rivers and lakes or disposed of in landfills where they can contaminate our ground water.

Agriculture: Buying organic animal products and fish caught in an environmentally friendly manner ensures animals are kept in a stress free and chemical/antibiotic free environment.

There are many websites solely dedicated to caring for our planet; wewould encourage you to check our links page for a comprehensive list.

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