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Caring for Flowers

Caring for Earth Melbourne flowers, gifts and floral designsCut flowers are still living and need to drink and breathe; some flowers such as tulips continue to grow when placed in a vase.

Below are some tips from Joolee and our team at Lord Butler about how to keep your eco floral arrangements looking good and lasting longer.

  1. Before arranging or transferring flowers, cut the stems at a 45-degree angle with a sharp knife or secateurs. Cutting the stems at an angle exposes a larger surface area for the flower to drink. Immerse the stems in lukewarm water quickly to ensure they do not scale over.
  2. Remove any leaves that are below the water line to ensure the water stays as clean as possible and prevents rotting and bacteria.
  3. If the water starts to smell, recycle the water and use on plants re-filling with clean rainwater. To ensure the water is safe to re-use do not add commercial flower additives or bleach to your arrangement.
  4. Keep flowers away from direct sunlight or room heaters.
Once flowers have reached the end of their life, be sure to return them to the earth by adding them to home compost or local green waste programs.

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